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The Swimsense® (Powered by SportSense™) is a groundbreaking training tool, which captures critical performance data. The monitor straps onto the wrist like a watch and uses accelerometers, magnetometers and patent-pending proprietary algorithms to identify your swim. Analyze your performance on the device with pace times, distance (meters/yards/laps), stroke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke and calories burned across all four major strokes. Performance data can then be uploaded to the FINIS Streamline Training Log for additional analysis and historical review. The Swimsense® Performance Monitor provides a revolutionary degree of information, which is key to tracking and improving your swim performance.

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Q. Do I need to configure my Swimsense

A. YES In order to calculate accurate swimming metrics, you should configure your Swimsense before getting in the pool. There are several configuration options:

  • Pool Size: The size of the pool in yards or meters. If mis-configured, you total and interval distances may not be correct.
  • Wrist Position: Indicates which arm (left or right) the watch is worn on during swimming. If mis-configured, your swim metrics (such as distance, stroke count, etc.) may not be accurate.
  • Weight: Your current weight in pounds or kg. Used for calorie calculations
  • Gender: Whether you are male or female. Used for calorie calculations
  • Age: Your current age. Used for calorie calculations
  • Date and Time: The time of day the watch displays on the home screen. If mis-configured, your workouts will not be displayed correctly on the Calendar View when uploaded to the Streamline Training Log.


Q. How do I use Swim Mode?

A.To use Swim mode, follow these basic steps:

  • First make sure your watch is configured. Then go to and select the Swim mode on your Swimsense watch.
  • When you are ready to begin your workout, press [SWIM]. The clock will start running and a small swimmer icon will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • If you stop swimming to rest or if you you start doing a drill which is not swimming one of the four major stroke types (i.e. freestyle, breastroke, backstroke, fly) then push the [PAUSE] or [STOP] button.
  • When you resume swimming one of the four major stroke types, then push the [SWIM] button.
  • When you complete your swim, press [STOP]. Then hold the [RESET] button to save your workout data and create a new file


Q. How come the Swimsense cannot capture my data when I swim Drills?

A.The unique Swimsense algorithms are only built for the four major stroke types (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Fly).

So if you are swimming drills (such as kicking, single-arm stroking, mixing strokes within a given length, etc.), the device cannot determine how to interpret your actions. Therefore when doing drills, the Swimsense should be stopped or placed in pause mode.


Q. Why doesn’t the Swimsense capture all of my laps?

A.If the lap count or the total distance is different than what you actually swam, try the following steps in the order they are described until you get the desired results:

  1. Make sure the watch is configured for the wrist (left or right) that you are wearing the device on
  2. Make sure the watch is securely attached to your wrist; it should not move while you are swimming
  3. When pushing off the wall after a turn, try to stay in a streamlined position for a longer period of time
  4. Try wearing the watch on the opposite wrist (again, remember to change the watch position setting)

If, after trying the above, you are still getting incorrect laps and distance readings, please let us know and Contact Us, or visit the Tips tab


Q. When should I press the [STOP] Button versus the [PAUSE] Button when Swimming?

A. If you would like to review the rest times of your workout, or if you are resting for short periods of time, then you should take advantage of the [PAUSE] button.

  • Pressing [PAUSE] will cause the display to invert colors so that the screen now has a black background.
  • The total workout time will continue to run
  • When you are done resting, press the [SWIM] button and continue swimming again.
  • Pressing [PAUSE] will create new intervals within your workout.

If you do not care to see the rest time when viewing the workout details, or if you are taking extend breaks (longer than 5 minutes), or if you have finished your workout altogether, then you should press the [STOP] button.

  • Pressing [STOP] will not change the screen display colors
  • The total workout time will stop running
  • When you are ready to continue swimming the workout press [SWIM] to start the swim mode again
  • Or if you are completed with that workout, after pressing [STOP], press and hold the [RESET] button to save the workout and create a new file.


Q. What size pools does the Swimsense work in?

A. The Swimsense will work in any pool that is between 18 yards and 50 meters. Before swimming, you will need to configure your pool size to the correct distance in meters or yards.


Q. Does the Swimsense work in open-water swims?

A. Currently the swimsense is designed for pool use.


Bridge FAQs

Q. What is the Streamline Bridge?

A. The Streamline Bridge is software that is installed on your local computer. The Bridge, connects to your Swimsense Performance Monitor and uploads the workouts to your online Streamline Training Log account.
In addition, the Streamline Bridge provides the ability to update the firmware on your Swimsense Performance Monitor as updates become available.


Q. Will the Streamline Bridge run on my computer?

A. The Bridge software will run on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It will also run on Macintosh OS 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9.

Note that the Streamline Bridge may also run on other platforms, but support may not be provided.


Q. My watch isn’t recognizing, how can I get it to recognize.

A. Here are a few things you can try to make your device become recognized by the Streamline Bridge.

  • Make sure that the FINIS logo on the back matches the direction of the FINIS logo on the dock
  • Clean any residue on the unit or on the dock. Make sure there are no oils or anything that could be preventing the connection
  • Make sure that the USB connector is firmly connected to the cradle
  • You can try and push down on the watch firmly
  • Check to make sure that on your dock, that all of your pins are in tact to the dock


Q. What is Adobe Air?

A. The Streamline Bridge is built on Adobe’s Flex and Air technology. Adobe Air? provides is a cross platform technology that runs on all major operating system.

The first time you download and install the Streamline Bridge, a check will be performed to determine if you have the Air platform installed and if it is the correct version. If it is determined that Air needs to be installed or updated, the installation of Air will happen during the install of the Streamline Bridge.



Log FAQs
Q. What is the Streamline Training log?

A. The Streamline Training Log is a FREE tool that lets you review your swimming data so that you can make progress in the water. Some of the major features include:

  • Performance Monitoring
    Upload workouts to track your progress and get detailed insight on your swim performance
  • Workout History
    View past and present workouts to see how your swim changes over time. Upload an unlimited amount of workouts.
  • Goal Planning
    Move to the next level by setting goals and monitoring your progress
  • Search
    Search for your favorite workouts


Q.  How many workouts can I upload to the Training Log?

A. You can upload an unlimited number of workouts to the Training Log. However, the Swimsense Performance Monitor can only store up to 14 workouts on the device at a time


Q. Can I see my summary data in meters or yards?

A. Yes click on the “Settings” Menu header in the top navigation bar. You can toggle between metric and imperial allowing you to switch between displaying your workout data in yards and meters. Changing this preference will affect the summary information for your workouts. For example, the Dashboard, Uploaded Workouts, Search, and the Calendar View summary statistics will be updated to either your yards or meters preference. However, the workout data that is presented on the Workout Details screen remains unchanged. This data will always be listed in whatever metric (yards or meters) that you swam the actual workout in


Q. How do I view my workouts once they are uploaded?

A. After you have uploaded your workouts via the Streamline Bridge, follow these steps to view the details of your swim workouts:

  1. Go to and login using your email address and password.
  2. After logging in, you will be taken to your DASHBOARD overview page where you can view global stats, progress goals and recent workouts.
  3. Click on RECENT WORKOUTS: View All to view a list of the all the workouts you have uploaded to your Training Log.
  4. Click on RECENT WORKOUTS: Calendar View to see your workouts laid out on a calendar.
  5. Clicking on the Full View will take you to the Workout Details page where you can view more detailed stats about your workout.



My watch is having problems recognizing my strokes. What are some ways that I can swim better to get more accurate results?

The Swimsense uses a wide range of algorithms to catch all kinds of swimmers and a majority of swimmers all use a different style. Here are some tips that will help you improve your style to swim faster as well as help the Swimsense recognize your stroke typye

  • Butterfly: The pull phase of the Butterfly stroke is very similar to Freestyle, so the main differentiator is the recovery. Think about keeping the elbows straight as you recover, sweeping the arms around on top of the water. Visualize landing on your armpits as your hand enters the water. Also, remember to undulate as this helps further differentiate your stroke from Freestyle. Pick up a Foil Monofin to help you learn the proper undulation movement.
  • Breaststroke: Stay low in the water and don’t come up (vertically) too high. During the pull phase, think about a broad out-sweep and an accelerated in-sweep. Remember to glide for at least 0.5 seconds or longer after each stroke. You can also check the FINIS blog for good drills to fine-tune your breaststroke.
  • Backstroke: When recovering, make sure your arm is straight. Do not bend at the elbow or wrist until your hand hits the water. Then engage the core and pull. Remember to ROTATE back and forth.
  • Freestyle: Similar to backstroke, body rotation is important. Visualize reaching for something on the top shelf. When you stretch out, your body will rotate to make yourself taller. Do the same thing in the water during each arm pull. On the recovery think about your fingertips exiting last and skimming the surface of the water next to your body. Keep a nice high elbow. This high-elbow will be the main difference for the Swimsense in determining butterfly strokes from freestyle strokes.
  • Leverage the Walls: Did you know that the speed when you push off the wall, it is actually the fastest speed that you will be moving at during the swim? Use this to your advantage and push off hard! Get into a tight streamline position and glide for at least 3 seconds. Doing so will increase your speed, allow you to start swimming further away from the wall, and take less strokes per lap.
  • Use Tools to Swim Faster:  The Swimsense does have a built-in limit as to how slow you swim a length. It also has an upper limit as to how many strokes you can take per length. If you swim performance falls outside these constraints then it is best to use some equipment to help you swim faster. Strap on a pair of Z2 fins or paddles to boost your speed and lengthen your stroke. These items will not only help the Swimsense perform better, but within a few weeks you will see your own performance improve as well!
  • Resources for Beginners: To improve your speed and technique in the water there are a number of great videos and training sites available:


Swimsense Manuals

Swimsense QuickStart Instructions