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Tempo Trainer Pro

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Develop consistency and avoid lulls with a personal pace coach, the Tempo Trainer Pro.

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General Info

Develop consistency and avoid lulls with a personal pace coach, the Tempo Trainer Pro. The small, waterproof device easily secures under a swimmer’s cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. Athletes use the beep to train smarter and discover their perfect pace. Now with the option to replace the battery, the Tempo Trainer Pro will last multiple lifetimes. The advanced unit also has a new Sync button and a new mode in strokes/strides per minute for increased functionality. The Tempo Trainer Pro includes a clip for dry land exercise.

The Tempo Trainer Pro comes packed with 3 different modes.

  • Single beep from to 0.20 seconds to 99.99 seconds
  • Triple beep from 1 second to 9:59 minutes
  • Single beep in strokes/strides per minute


What does each mode do?

Mode #1 | Stroke Mode

  • Dictate how many strokes per lap
    Single beep between 0.20-99.99 seconds
  • How to use it
    Set at .65 to start. Put your right hand in the water every time it beeps.


Mode #2 | Lap Pacing

  • How to use it
    Set at 18 seconds. At the end of your 25 yard lap you should hear a beep. Swim faster or slower to stay on pace.


Mode #3 | Set in Terms of Strokes Per Minute

  • How to use it
    Set to 80 strokes a minute to start. If it is too slow, increase the strokes per minute.


Can I change the battery?

Yes! You can change the battery in the new Tempo Trainer Pro. If you want to replace the battery, you will need a  CR1620 3V battery as a replacement. Simply take a small coin and unscrew the back and place the new battery inside after removing the old one.


Can the Tempo Trainer Pro be used for other sports?

Most definitely! The Tempo Trainer Pro comes with a clip on the back that can be used for sports such as running, golf, or even hiking.

What is the purpose of Sync mode?

Many athletes typically synch Mode 1 or 2 to a pace clock or watch to help get live pacing feedback during a workout.

For example, if the Tempo Trainer Pro is set to 00:14 in Mode 2 (14 seconds), you can press and release button [A] at any point. Doing so will cause the device to give a triple beep, and the 14-second interval will be reset and started again from the time you pressed button [A].


Getting Started

The purpose of the Tempo Trainer Pro is to help you find the optimum combination of Distance-Per-Stroke (DPS) and stroke rate. Start with the outer parameters of each and work your way in.

  1. 1 x 25 Freestyle, with the Tempo Trainer Pro set at 0.40 seconds in Mode 1. This means that every four tenths of a second, your hand will hit the water. For most people this will be a high turn-over.
  2. 1 x 25 Freestyle, set at 0.80 seconds. You will be amazed at how much slower and longer eight tenths of a second will feel. Reach and rotate with good DPS.
  3. Now that you have established both ends of the spectrum, you will want to find that ideal setting where you are most efficient
  4. 1 x 25 Freestyle, set at 0.42 seconds
  5. 1 x 25 Freestyle, set at 0.78 seconds
  6. 1 x 25 Freestyle, set at 0.44 seconds
  7. 7. 1 x 25 Freestyle, set at 0.76 seconds
  8. Continue the pattern of adding and subtracting 2 one-hundredths of a second per 25 repeat
  9. At some setting you will find the perfect combination of stroke rate and DPS that will elevate the quality of your swimming. This setting should also be your fastest 25.


Goggles - For the Tempo Trainer Pro to stay in place, goggles will need to be worn while using the Tempo Trainer Pro. We offer great goggles that will not leak while the Tempo Trainer Pro is being used. They are comfortable goggles and will help make your training experience great.


Ear Plugs - To maximize the sound volume of the Tempo Trainer. With these comfortable ear plugs you can focus on listening to the beep of the Tempo Trainer Pro.


Swim Caps - We offer great and comfortable caps that will help keep your Tempo Trainer in place if you find it difficult to keep your Tempo Trainer in the desired location. The swim cap also helps to produce a louder sound for your listening pleasure.