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Swim Teaching Platform

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The Swim Teaching Platform is a standing deck designed for teaching lessons in deeper water. The platform creates a sturdy, non-slip surface above the pool bottom, creating a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Made out of a uniquely molded fiberglass, the Swim Teaching Platform is sturdy and built to withstand chlorine and sun damage. Railings create a safe and clear distinction between teaching areas and can be connected to create larger platforms. The Swim Teaching Platform structure has wheels for easy storage and is light enough to be moved by one person and comes in two sizes: Small and Large.

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Q. How much weight can it hold?

A. The STP 1200mm is designed to withstand the weight of 600 lbs. Recommended for classes with 3 to 4 children per side. While the STP 1800mm is designed to withstand the weight of 1,200 lbs. Recommended for classes with 5 to 6 children per side.


Q. What are the overall dimensions of the STP?


  • 1.2m: 3’11″ l x 3’7″ w x 5’11″ h (standard)
  • 1.8m: 5’11″ l x 3’7″ w x 5’11″ h (Standard)

The platform is 3/16”-thick molded vinyl-ester chlorine resistant fiberglass with a textured surface to provide a non-slip quality. The standard length for the Handrail and Legs are 31” long.  Actual height will vary depending on your pool depth. Instructions include easy-to-use chart for pool-depth to leg-height cut conversions.


Q. Can it be used in deeper water?

A. Yes, the 1.8m Platform can be used in water up to 6 ft deep, but needs a deep-water kit containing longer leg pieces and it is recommended that multiple platforms are linked together for added stability when in water deeper than 5 ft.


Q. Can the handrail be set at the perimeter instead of the center?

A. Yes. Most pools have a standard slope to the bottom as they get gradually deeper. It is not a problem to use the platform in this setting. You will see that the handrail will be below or at the water line at one end and above the water line at the other end, but the children will still have a stable platform to stand on. If your pool has a very steep slope, we would not recommend using the platform on the sloped bottom.


Q. Can the platform be used in a vinyl-lined pool?

A. Yes. The platform is designed so that it is easy-to-move and gentle on your pool-bottom. The PVC pieces that create the base have a soft Many swim schools have used these in vinyl-lined pools without any problems. Care should be used and the wheels should be engaged for moving the platform across the pool bottom.


Q. What ages is the platform recommended for?

A. The platform is designed so that the handrail can be used at the standard height for children aged approximately 4-7 years. The handrail and legs can be cut to accommodate toddlers under 4 years. If you would like to use this for babies under 4 years, cut 1’2” from the handrail pieces prior to cutting the let pieces. Add 1’2” to the leg height prior to cutting. This will raise the platform and shorten the distance from the platform to the surface of the water and handrail for shorter children.