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The SpeedBox® is a system that adds resistance while swimming while swimming away from the SpeedBox®, and adding assistance and speeding up the swim on the way to the SpeedBox®. Add more or less resistance and assistance by adding additional power springs. Created with a unique pulley system the SpeedBox® provides constant, smooth and even tension for your swimmer. Designed to be portable the system collapses to just 24”x20”x8” for ease of transport.

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What is the SpeedBox used for?

The SpeedBox is a very impressive tool for adding resistance while swimming away from it and adding assistance and speed on the swim back toward the SpeedBox. The resistance increases as the swimmer swims away from the box.

How does this differ from the other resistance trainers?

The SpeedBox is more advanced than the other tools because you can add more/less resistance and assistance by adding more power springs.

Does it ever get stuck or become difficult to use?

The SpeedBox has a pulley system that provides smooth and even tension for the swim so it won’t get caught or mess up your swim. It’s also collapsible to make it easier for transport.


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