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Freestyle Snorkel

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With the Freestyle Snorkel, swimmers can focus on freestyle stroke technique without interruption. The curved shape design promotes proper head position, with the eyes down.

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How does the freestyle snorkel vary from the swimmer’s snorkel?

As the name suggests the freestyle snorkel is specific to freestyle as it helps a swimmer focus of this specific stroke technique. It’s unique shape promotes the proper head position: in-line with the body and facing the bottom of the pool.


Why is it curved differently?

This promotes proper head position which is keeping the eyes down.


How does the swimmer’s snorkel benefit you in fitness training?

The swimmer’s snorkel allows one to focus more on their stroke technique instead of worrying about turning the heard to breathe. The snorkel is down the middle of the face instead of off to the side so it doesn’t get in the way of your arms when doing the strokes.


What other benefits does the freestyle snorkel provide?

It helps increase aerobic capacity, stays in place during any stroke including flip turns, and allows the swimmer to focus on their swim and not their breaths.


Nose Clips- Use these nose clips to prevent water from getting in your nose. Use these to keep water out of your nose so you can focus on racing


Ear Plugs - Use these ear plugs to keep water out of swimmers’ ears. Designed for maximum comfort for delicate ears providing a maximum seal.


Caps - We offer high quality caps and have many to choose from to make sure you get the right one for you. We offer great caps that will work great with our snorkels.


Head Bracket - The Snorkel Replacement Head Bracket fits the Swimmer’s Snorkel and Freestyle Snorkel. The bracket uses a TPR padding that cushions the forehead and evenly distributes pressure. The silicone strap fits snugly around the head, and the streamlined design of the Replacement Head Bracket prevents additional drag. Easy to adjust side-clips securely fit the Replacement Head Bracket to any size head, and a rubber collar holds the snorkel tube stable. Not compatible with the Swimmer’s Snorkel Youth.