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Training Fins

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Here at FINIS we offer great Fins that can be used for either training or for perfection of your swimming style. We offer various types of fins that have been designed with both comfort and technique in mind.

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General Info

Here at FINIS we offer great Fins that can be used for either training or for perfection of your swimming style. We offer various types of fins that have been designed with both comfort and technique in mind.


Z2 Gold Zoomers

With its comfortable fit of 100% natural rubber, the Z2 creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyper flexion. With its short blade, the zoomer encourages shorter and faster kicks while experiencing just enough propulsion through the water. The Z2 efficiently propels you forward more than any other Zoomers Fin. The fluid separator located on top of the fin, allows your foot to easily slice through the water while reducing fatigue on the down kick and quads. Whereas the flex box, located on the bottom of the fin, helps you catch the water on your up kick, targeting and strengthening your hamstrings and glutes.

Z2s are best for triathletes and people that were competitive in the past and are just getting back into swimming. Z2s are also good for swimming long distances in the pool and for adding an edge to a workout to increase strength


Zoomers Gold

Combining a decade of experience and feedback FINIS has changed the original Zoomers formula to improve comfort and performance. Zoomers¬ Gold provides a new level of foot pocket comfort, while improving blade stiffness, to create a completely new Zoomers fin. Zoomers Gold now has a soft rubber foot pocket for more comfort. The Zoomers Gold blade stiffness is now a balance between that of the red and the blue Zoomers. Train with Zoomers Gold for a stronger faster kick with ideal propulsion. This fin can be used by all levels of swimming to boost cardiovascular conditioning and accelerate speed during workouts.

Zoomers Gold are best for competitive swimmers and for swim teams. Zoomers Gold are also best for individuals who are looking for a short intense workout.


Long Floating Fin

The FINIS Floating Fins increase leg strength and help athletes swim at faster speeds. With its long, hydrodynamic blade, the Floating Fins add propulsion to flutter and butterfly kick. Buoyancy from the fins lifts the legs to the surface reducing drag from the rest of the body. The Floating Fins’ closed heel design provides protection against overflexion of the ankles and increases comfort. Great for all ages and all levels of swimming the Floating Fins are color-coded by size from the shoe size Junior 8 to Adult 14. Made of soft floatable rubber the Floating Fins will not sink in either fresh or salt water, making them ideal for open water and pool training.

Zoomers Fit

The Zoomers Fit are a new set of fins that will be coming soon to FINIS. They are designed for swimmers who are looking for a small edge to their workout. Zoomers Fit increase propulsion and raise the legs and hips. These have a slightly larger surface on the blade, so you will get more propulsion than other Zoomers fins. They are still short-blade fins, so they can be used at a variety of different speeds. Like the Z2, these are also designed to flex so that they relieve strain on the quadriceps (used during the downkick – recovery phase) and focus the workout on the hamstrings (used during the upkick – the power phase of the   More information soon to come.


All Zoomers (Zoomers, Z2, and Fit) are designed to encourage the correct leg technique and increase ankle flexibility. All Zoomers, Z2s, and Zoomers Fit fins are short-blade fins, designed to simulate natural kicking and can be used at race-pace speeds. All Zoomers, Z2s and Fit fins are primarily used for flutter kick. They can be used for all kick strokes (breaststroke, dolphin, etc), but have less benefits to technique in other kick strokes. All Zoomers, Z2s, and Fit fins have a closed-heel design for maximum comfort.


Positive Drive Fins (PDF)

Increases propulsion and leg strength. These are a short-blade fin that can be used at a variety of speeds in all strokes. These fins increase propulsion and strength for breaststroke kick as well as flutter or dolphin kick. These have an adjustable strap for a more universal fit.

The Positive Drive Fins are to be used with your feet faced inward and can be used with any kind of stroke. They are available in six different sizes as well as being available to kids.

The Positive Drive Fins (PDF’s) use a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate correct propulsion in all swim strokes. Traditionally fins are not made for Breaststroke, but the asymmetrical shape and adjustable heel strap allows the swimmer to safely build power in the Breaststroke kick. The short and wide blade design also promotes a natural inward supination kick style for Backstroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle. The PDF’s use an ergonomic footpocket to comfortably place the feet in the ideal swimming position, and the heel strap to secure the fin, allowing the feet to flex more naturally. A closed-toe construction provides superior energy transfer from the leg to the foot. The PDF’s will increase leg strength, foot speed, and ankle flexibility for all four competitive swim strokes, making the fins great for training the Individual Medley event. Available in multiple sizes for a custom fit.


If in-between sizes (or at the lower-range of a size), consider your foot width and attempt to size down to the smaller fin. A snug fit is best and the fin will feel slightly looser when used in the water versus trying it on. If your foot is wide, you may need the larger size. If your foot is narrow, try the smaller size first. If it is tight when you try it on, but not uncomfortable that is ideal. A loose fin will move more in the water, leading to rubbing/blisters on the foot or causing the fin to fall off



Ear Plugs - The Ear Plugs use a specialized shape that conforms to your ears, effectively sealing water out without the plugs going too far into the ears.

Swimming Caps - The Spandex Cap helps keep hair pulled cleanly away from the face and neck while swimming. The swim cap is made out of a soft spandex material that stretches and fits most head sizes snuggly.

Nose Clips - The silicone nose pads offer maximum comfort. The anatomic design of the Nose Clip fits most noses comfortably and keeps the water out

Goggles –FINIS offers a variety of innovative great looking goggles. They are comfortable goggles and will help make your entire swimming experience great.