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Hydro Tracker GPS

Hydro Tracker GPS

Map your Open Water Swim with the Hydro Tracker GPS by FINIS.

SKU# 1.30.034

Availability: In stock

Map your Open Water Swim with the Hydro Tracker GPS by FINIS. The Hydro Tracker attaches securely to goggle straps, resting on the back of the head and does not interfere with swimming technique. Global Positioning System satellites transmit signals to the Hydro Tracker recording your course accurately, no calibration needed. Dock your Hydro Tracker to upload your swim to the free FINIS® Streamline Training Log at View a map of your route and watch time-lapse animation of your progress. Dig deeper to see key stats including elevations, splits, speed, accumulated time, distance and more. Export your progress to CSV or KML Google Earth file or share with others via a personalized link.

Note: Hydro Tracker GPS is not compatible with early versions Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion). It supports all other Mac OS X and Windows versions.

Download Tech Sheet

Accurate GPS Tracking
Engineered to rest on the back of the head so swimmers receive a constant GPS signal
Online Mapping
View your route on a satellite map complete with zoom function
Performance Reporting
Set goals and analyze stats including splits, speed, distance, accumulated time and elevation
Hydrodynamic Clips
Attaches the tracker securely to goggle straps for optimal signal detection
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
8-16 hours per charge pending on sampling rate
8-16 hours per charge pending on sampling rate
Watch the progress of your workout with a click of a button to see elevation variations
Neoprene Armband
Slip the tracker on your arm or bike for use in other outdoor activities
Slip the tracker on your arm or bike for use in other outdoor activities
Export your data using CSV or Google Earth files or share via Facebook or Twitter
Multi-Sport Compatible
Can be used for swimming, running, walking, biking, skiing, hiking and more
Just put on the tracker and you're ready to go
Adjustable Sampling Rate
Configure how often you want to record GPS data so that you can control accuracy and battery life
Built to withstand the roughest environments
PC & Mac Compatible*
*Except OS X 10.8. All other Mac and Windows versions are supported, including Windows 8.
  • Hydro Tracker GPS
  • Dock
  • Armband
  • Instruction Booklet

Customer Reviews

GPS Trainer Review by Coach K

We use this item on our outdoor swims. It is such a great tool that gives incredibly accurate feedback when you download the info after a swim.

(Posted on 7/10/14)

Hydrotracker Rocks! Review by Hydrotracker

This is a great product for open water training. Logs time distance and maps your route for online viewing!

(Posted on 7/8/14)

Does the job but could be improved Review by Stéphan

Very impressive and light
I don't feel I wear it (which is maybe a fear at first as I'm afraid to loose it)

Data is precise

However there is room for improvements:

The manual talks about GPS Tracker Bridge Software and it's not on the site, it's now named Streamline Bridge

Logging in : the USB detection is slow and most of the time erratic
the software display sometimes shows 100% capacity and bugs down.

Initial satellite detection is long

When at a stop during a workout if the position is stationary the GPS location is all over the place and shows motions of 50 to 80m without actually having moved.

When I change the time slot to local time and I sign out, the time of the workouts stays unchanged in the dashboard.

There should be an audible signal to notify the user that the unit has changed state (PAUSE - RECORD) since there is no way I can see the LEDs if I'm wearing it in the back of my head or on my arm.

Maximum speed displayed seems to be 50km/h, not that I'm swimming that fast but that speed is reached a few times down hill on my bike, that would be nice to have it recorded.

I'll be happy to test your next version.

(Posted on 8/19/13)

Awesome and incredibly simple Review by Joe

Have used this device for swim, bike and run and it is a truly amazingly product for the cost. Map and measure open water laps in Lake Michigan with accuracy. Definitely an open water confidence building tool.

(Posted on 7/27/13)

Device enhancements Review by fulparvioisi

In June of 2012 I was looking for a product that was able to trace the routes open water mainly to the lake, but also the sea and could record as well as the route also kept the pace. So when I found HydroTracker I was very happy. Finally a product created for people like me who practice swimming and wants to better especially in open water. The idea is good but you could make better. Let me explain. Only two buttons, one to turn on and turn off the device and the second to record or stop recording, are a practical and in theory a good idea, especially considering that given the location of the buttons are easy to recognize having to wear the device on the head, then out of sight when handling. Too bad it is not possible to know if the Hydro Tracker is on, and especially if it is recording! In fact, no sound is produced when the button are put into operation, forcing the swimmer to keep the device in his hand to make sure it is turned on and start recording. So spend unnecessarily seconds before you can start to swim if you want to be certain that the device is recording. Also you can not see the LEDs light up in the light of the sun, forcing the swimmer to shade the device with the hands and wait for the LEDs blink ... All this makes it really difficult to use. I believe that a substantial improvement can be achieved with LEDs lit and not flashing for a few minutes and add sound different when you start recording and when you finish recording. Or at least replace the recording button with a simple switch that according to the position makes it recognizable to the touch if it is in the process of recording or standby to record. A final point concerns the battery life. There is no indicator that signals the exhaustion of charge visual or acoustic ... I hope you will consider these considerations as an incentive to improve the device which is solely dedicated to swimming in open water.
Thanks Fulvio.

(Posted on 6/3/13)

This GPS IS INCREDIBLE!!! Review by Sea biscuit

I got it for my Birthday from my fiancé!!! Laughing out loud I went swimming for so long that I was to exhausted to take my sweet Beautiful Baby out! But the next morning I went swimming again and I looked at myself on the computer and its incredible!!! Thanks SWEETHEART AND FINIS!!! Awesome product again as usual!!!! Happy Easter everyone; and GOD BLESS Y'ALL!!!!

(Posted on 3/28/13)

Hydro Tracker ™ GPS is a brilliant product! Review by Elizabeth

I've forgot to mention earlier that also I wear on my arm my new Hydro Tracker ™ GPS every day for power walking 7-10 km on the streets. I'm highly impressed with being able to see (no longer guessing) my precise walking distance and time just by wearing one device. Thanks FINIS team!

(Posted on 3/28/12)

Hydro Tracker ™ GPS is a brilliant product! Review by Elizabeth

On Sunday March 11 2012, I wore for the 1st time my new Hydro Tracker ™ GPS during two (1 km+2 km) open water swimming races held at iconic Sydney Harbour.

And let me tell you that this product is absolutely brilliant! It mapped out and timed the distance of my two swims.

I went home and uploaded my swims and was able to finally visualize how I actually swam the entire course of 1 km and 2 km. It's like watching myself swimming 'from above'! I no longer have to guess why this year it took me longer to swim the same distances as last year. (I didn't swim a straighter line this year therefore I'm using my new Hydro Tracker GPS as a training tool to improve my swimming technique in the ocean. Love it! Thanks FINIS team.

(Posted on 3/28/12)

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